On the Go-ogle Contacts

Force obsolescence, social pressure, fast-changing trends, mouth-watering innovations, just a few of the reasons why it is likely that you change your phone more than twice a year.. or even more often. It feels great and cool to be an owner of the most recent gadgets! I should know right. ;p

Now your phone is new, and it’s empty. Time to update the phonebook BUT, HOW??? If you have bunch of contacts, say at least a hundred, would you find it convenient to enter each mobile / office / home contact numbers, personal / corporate email, home / office address, and other details one by one? Well, if that is one of your OC-ness and you find fun in doing that, I totally respect that.

Have you ever wished that there is a free app that is ready to import your contacts regardless if you’re using a berry, an apple or a droid?

There actually are some free applications that I would recommend.

Google Sync

Google it: “google sync” and I bet you know the rest (Yes! Click on that URL).


But wait.. This is not an option for iPhone™. Where do we go for iPhone™ apps? (I’m reading your mind… you’re a genius! Yes, from the App Store!)

Google Contacts

This is the 7th result when you lookup “google contacts” (it might change depending on popularity I guess). It is definitely a full-functioning free app. There are other apps you might want to try, but i love this one for its simplicity and effectiveness.

I actually bought one similar app for $0.99 before finding this free app and I really got disappointed because everytime I download my contacts from Google with that paid app (a dollar wasted), it DUPLICATES all the entries in my phonebook. I have 275 contacts before downloading, so after downloading, it doubled (yes genius, 550)! When I tried this app I realized that some of the best things in life are still FREE!



You can only update your Google contact list via PC because the mobile browsers just won’t let you do that. Unless you know the trick, please teach me that (wiggling a tail)!

Another note that while it is possible to sync upward (phone to Google), it’s not always successful. Syncing downwards is often flawless. However, If you are a berry user, you might receive an error message that there is an error in syncing. To fix this, the best way that I think and also tried is to wipe out your contact list and start syncing again. In my experience, it never fails.

What’s your phonebook syncing story?
(=^X^=) (=^ェ^=)™


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