DoTA on iPhone?

For DoTA fans out there, you might be looking for similar games in the App Store. Well I have found one — Plants War. It’s a more laid-back type of RPG. Just like DoTA, you can upgrade your skills as you earn experience along the game, buy and use potions and teleport back to base. In addition to what DoTA can offer, you can also buy minions, upgrade baseline of you stats, and many more.


WordPress for iPhone

WordPress for iPhone makes it possible to be a blogger on-the-go. With App Store’s growing list of blog apps, WordPress seems to appeal bloggers like myself for its deceivingly simple look. It’s actually packed with what typically bloggers are of interest — to comment, to create or to edit posts.  Best of all, it’s free.  Express your mind better than “tweets” or “status update”  by blogging with WordPress.